Morgan Williams: Seminary Blog


In the Fall semester of 2022, I took a class titled Methods of Teaching Seminary. In this class, we learn the process of becoming a seminary teacher. As I began taking this class, I developed a passion for teaching seminary and felt inspired to move along the seminary teaching path. As I was selected to student teach at a local high school my passion continued to grow and develop. As I began to have real, raw, and spiritually rejuvenating experiences I wanted to remember these experiences and hopefully help others ultimately come to know Christ through my writing. With these ambitions in mind, my seminary blog was created. Ultimately, this blog was created to help others connect to Christ and was something I would have to remember my experiences teaching the youth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


For my project, I began by going to Google Blogger and setting up a blog. This was much easier than expected. For my project, I would take time each day after seminary to include insights and or experiences I had throughout the week. I had a running Google doc of each day I taught seminary and key parts from the class periods. At the end of the week, typically on Fridays, I would edit and compile each of my points into a longer more fluent post. I would then post on Saturdays and share links to social media pages.


As I reflect on this project, I did not notice too many challenges. At the beginning of this project, I did reach out to a great mentor who helped me set up a blogger account and discover how it works. One aspect of this project I did not anticipate was how I would promote or inform individuals of this blog. Due to shortness of vision, I had to quickly plan how I would advertise this blog. Typically I would just post on Instagram an update, but moving forward I want to dive deeper into advertising and find best practices to advertise a blog.

Project Processes

The process for this project was quite simple. It started with me reaching out to my mentor who is a Human Resource manager at a local business. She offered insight into professional writing and organization. I then created the blog and began to write every day of experiences I was having. I was able to add pictures and make the blog look professional and appealing to the eye. Every Saturday I would publish the blog post and then post it on Instagram to inform individuals of the posts being made.


The experiences I had creating this blog we impactful for me and for readers. I have seen myself grow in writing and publishing. I think the experiences I had accomplishing this project go deeper than face value. For me, I feel more connected to Jesus Christ and His gospel. I learned how to love and connect with individuals from all different backgrounds. I learned how to communicate effectively with the faculty members. I learned how to plan and then adapt to the needs of my audience. I learned how to create PowerPoint and have them look professional. Through these learning experiences, I was able to create a blog about my growth and the growth of the youth the Jesus Christ. All of these experiences take place and took place daily in the classroom, and as I was able to write and reflect.


Overall, this project was significant in helping me improve my writing. One of the biggest lessons I learned through this project is the importance of planning little details. For example, I could have seen greater success if I would have planned out how I would have advertised or marketed my blog. In the future, I will take extra time to slow down and not only consider what I am doing, but how I will accomplish the project at hand.