The Blue Mahoe – Graphic Designer & Content Creator

Project Purpose or Objectives:

The objective of my work on behalf of The Blue Mahoe: A Jamaican Cuisine, was to create a logo for the restaurant, a brochure for advertising, and assist with planning, preparing, and executing a large catering event in the community. 

The Project:

Below is the final copy of the logo I created for the restaurant. It took a couple dozen drafts and several variations, before we revised it enough to have it exactly as we wanted it. The next picture is an example of a brochure that I am still currently designing to use for future advertising and marketing agendas. 

Challenges Encountered in Completing the Project:

The biggest challenge I faced was meeting the deadlines. The brochure was more of a last-minute idea that my supervisor had but unfortunately, it was not created in time to present at the Gala event we catered. We will still use it for future events and marketing, but I still found it difficult at times to keep up with the demanding deadlines. 

Project Processes:

I used a variety of different means to accomplish my tasks. Canva is the primary tool I used with my design work for the logo and brochure. As for the Gala event, I used various methods of phone calls, emails, and texting to reach out to people. We also recruited BYU-I students by setting up a booth on campus and inviting students to register and attend the event. 

An Overview of the Experiences I Had:

Over the course of my volunteer time with the founders and owners of The Blue Mahoe, I had the opportunity to participate in several planning meetings where we would discuss our goals and visions and how we would accomplish them. I also had the luxury of spearheading the task to create and design a logo and brochure. Furthermore, I got to work behind the scenes in food preparation and gain new catering skills. In addition to this, a valuable experience I had was in advertising and networking as I worked with other team members to market the event and get more people to register and attend the Gala. 

Insights and Takeaways I Have Gained From the Project:

All of my experiences I had with The Blue Mahoe were a first for me. I have never before created a professional logo, brochure, or even catered an event. Because all of these projects and events were a first time experience, I have strengthened pre-existing skills and developed completely new skill sets in various aspects of graphic design, marketing, advertising, and networking. 

Video description of tasks and projects completed for The Blue Mahoe.