How Do You Talk? What Do You Say?

Hello. I wrote a children’s book for the purpose of talking about nonverbal communication and how children communication from the time they are born until they learn language. They speak with sounds, gestures, signs and words and eventually they are fluent in the language taught them by their parents. It’s an amazing process to witness and it’s amazing to watch them develop the ability to communicate simply by watching and listening to the people in their lives.

The title of my book is How Do You Talk? What Do You Say? It is written for the audience of small children, ages two to nine. It has colorful pictures and is written in an iambic pentameter rhythm. Look for a published version of my book in 2024. My illustrator, Rachel Northrup knows my vision and is in the process of putting together the illustrations for the book to be published. We can’t wait for you to see the new version after it is published. For now, this current version will give you a great idea of what’s to come.

I hope you enjoy reading this book to the children in your life. I know I have, and sometimes they ask to read it again. Happy reading.