GO:OD P.M. a Podcast by Camila Plata

GO:OD P.M’s purpose

This podcast is created by latinos and made for latinos. I wanted to think about what experiences and things we go through as international students living in the United States, and took this opportunity to not only create a space for our latin community but also, I wanted to take this project to develop and improve production skills and get more familiar with music streaming platforms like Spotify, which was the chosen platform for this project.

What is GO:OD P.M?

An open space where, I, a girl, can talk about my experience with feelings and the different adventures that I have had to live as a 23-year-old Colombian female living in the United States along with Diego Reyes, who is a 24- year-old Guatemalan male living in the United States to respond how he has lived the same experiences but maybe learned how to deal with them through different feelings and emotions.

All the episodes are found in Spotify through this link!

This is the first episode of a series of three episodes called: Transiciones.

What challenges I faced with GO:OD P.M?

The execution of this project was an amazing experience because I got to explore different aspects of creating podcasts and even more, creating a video podcast. However, since I was recording the video podcasts along with my partner, finding a way to record and produce the project was a little tricky, but thankfully today’s technology allowed us find the perfect space to record and plan our episodes.

GO:OD P.M’s progress

Since I had very limited resources for this project, I had to make it work with what I had in hand. I used my computer to record and produce the video podcasts, used BYU-Idaho’s Zoom account to have access to a longer meeting and downloaded an add-on that improved the sound quality of the call to make it sounds clearer.

For post-production, I also used my computer and edited the videos and created the intros and outros with Canva for the videos and promotions and Pro-tools for the audio production.