Rylee Goodman — The Crowning

Project Overview

The editing, publishing, and promotion process of The Crowning was a lengthy endeavor involving multiple individuals, yet it continues to remain strong. The writing of the novel took three years to accomplish, starting back in 2020. However, during this time, I was able to acquire editors and readers to help refine the writing for publication and successfully publish the work on Amazon following edits and reviews from target readers. 

English professionals and educators such as Elizabeth Tillery, Erin Bass, and Kaitlin Harker reviewed the manuscript alongside myself with goals of correcting undeveloped plot lines, magnifying characterization, and improving overall grammar and punctuation. Each had a different job (copy editor, content editor, and proofreader) that allowed for the best results in this project.


A schedule was created and solidified in which every week, depending on the editors’ personal agendas, each editor would read through a hundred pages of the novel and note the items in question considering the goals set. This extended to a month’s time and was executed using Google Docs, commenting mode.

Time Allocations:

  • 36 hours reading manuscript
  • 27 hours editing content
  • 18 hours meeting with editors

I met on multiple occasions with my editors to ensure the process was cohesive, concise, and clear for readers and editors alike. Schedules were tricky in the beginning, but I was able to work with my editors to find time and review the edits/suggestions made.

Cover Collaboration

I also met with a graphic designer to craft the visual aspect of my book. We went through various mockups for my cover and met every Tuesday for over an hour to discuss goals for the next week. There were specific elements I wanted on the cover, including a sword and crown with snow/ice. However, with deliberation, Celtic knots were incorporated to emphasize the Norse influence within the book.

Eventually, my graphic designer—Leena Kogure—offered to represent me as a social media manager and has spearheaded the task by creating and promoting The Crowning on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn. The following has increased book sales and heightened exposure to the new series.


I send a sincere and big thanks to my mentors, editors, collaborators, and readers that helped me achieve my dream of publication. It was a long and thorough process that taught me much about teamwork, scheduling, self-confidence, and the general editing/publishing process.

In the future, I hope to release newly written works for this series as well as obtain possible employment in publishing houses. This will allow me to become better acquainted with the editing and publishing career field and become more well-rounded in communication. I’m excited to see where my experience and networking take me.