The Katelyn Thompson Podcast: Keys to Success

A Podcast Project Overview Created by Katelyn Thompson Over the past three months, I, Katelyn Thompson, have been working on a project to produce podcast episodes talking about the qualities it takes to become successful. This podcast is geared towards college seniors at Brigham Young University- Idaho in order to help them succeed after theyContinue reading “The Katelyn Thompson Podcast: Keys to Success”

Food for Thought with Caitlyn & Karla | A Food & Wellness Podcast

By Caitlyn Knudsen Digital & Social Media Emphasis Project Introduction Welcome to Food for Thought, a podcast where we discuss food, lifestyle, and wellness topics! Food for Thought is a podcast that I started this semester with my roommate, Karla. Not only do we share a love for discussing health and food-related topics, but weContinue reading “Food for Thought with Caitlyn & Karla | A Food & Wellness Podcast”

Ashlee Bradford – Amigoes App UX/UI Redesign

Ashlee Bradford Visual Communication Emphasis Project Summary For my senior project, I redesigned an existing app called Amigoes to improve its usability and visual appeal (User Experience/User Interface Design). This included market research, information architecture, a sitemap, wireframes, and finally a clickable prototype of the main navigational pages. Background Amigoes is intended to be usedContinue reading “Ashlee Bradford – Amigoes App UX/UI Redesign”

Merinda Manwaring – Marketing Moon Math

Embarking on a senior project is an exciting opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired throughout your academic journey. In my case, having previously worked with Moon Math during my internship, I was determined to make a significant impact on their marketing efforts. This blog post outlines the process and steps I took toContinue reading “Merinda Manwaring – Marketing Moon Math”