Allison Gumm – A Social Media Upbringing

My Project Overview

Being interested in the medical field and social media, I was excited to work with a physical therapy company in which needed a digital upbringing. The name of the company is Bakersfield Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Therapy, aka BSMART. I was able to provide them with an Instagram and Facebook while posting content weekly. I was also able to build a website for them which includes a blog post and staff introduction video. Building a simple digital styleguide was something that also was needed for the company to continue with social media.

My Goals

My overall goal was to provide BSMART with credibility. Nowadays, businesses are not as credible if they don’t have a website or social media presence. These are some goals that helped me acheive my overarching goal:

  • Create a branded styleguide
  • Build and create a website
  • Create an “Introduction to the Staff” video
  • Create Instagram and post 2x weekly
  • Post on Facebook 2x weekly
  • Batch my content – capture photos & videos
  • Write a blog post

Time Accounting

Capturing Content: 16 hours

Editing: 6 hours

Website building: 11 hours

Creating & Posting: 10 hours

Styleguide: 2 hours

Meetings with BSMART: 5 hours

Website Creatives

With their new website, I was able to create 6 different pages. These include

Services Page

This is the content I created for the Services page. They wanted just a little graphic including each service they offer.

Blog Post Page

With the blog post, I was able to reach out to a handful of patients and grab their testimonies of BSMART. I wanted people to be able to read and see other people’s experiences with BSMART and how we impacted them.

Meet the Staff Page

On the Staff page, I was able to capture portraits of most of the staff and interview them. I start off the page at the beginning with an introduction to the staff video on why they love working at BSMART. Below that video, I show all the staff’s portrait image I took of them, their name, and a little description about what they provide at BSMART. The video I made is below:

These are all the portraits I was able to take of the wonderful staff!

Social Media Creatives

For their social media I was able to create a new Instagram and post content on their weekly. I was also able to use the Facebook they had, but didn’t use, to post content as well. My goal was to post at least 2x weekly. I put my main focus on really building up their Instagram. The overall content pillar I was focusing on was educating. My 3 content buckets in which helped me achieve this goal were

  1. Physical Therapy Tips/How To’s
  2. BSMART/Staff Intros
  3. Healthcare Updates

These are a few of the content I created which got posted on both Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to go to their Instagram and Facebook Page to see the rest of the content posted.


This is the simple styleguide I made for BSMART. I made it easy to read, easy to manage, and it contains the design information they need to continue with their social media.

BSMART Social Media Styleguide (1).pdf


By introducing BSMART to the digital world, I was able to learn a lot myself. I learned lots about how to build a website and the different aspects with it. I also learned that with social media, you have to post consistantly to get the attraction you need. Not only does posting consistantly gain attraction but knowing your audience. Along with this, as a social media manager, there must be content buckets in place to provide a variety of different content to your audience. BSMART was very happy with what I provided them. Although I wish I had more time to give more to BSMART, I accomplished the goals I made. I hope that they can use what I have given them to continue with posting on social media.