Golf Masterclass by Fled Silveira

A Golf Masterclass featuring PGA professional Zach Martin.

Zach and I worked together to bring a comprehensive video series that serves as a complementary resource for those receiving in-person lessons from Zach. This masterclass covers every aspect of the game and offers an immersive experience that will inspire and motivate golfers to reach the next level.

Crafting an Immersive Experience

One of our primary goals was to ensure that the lessons offered an engaging and immersive learning experience. We meticulously designed a video series split into 7 lessons to captivate viewers from start to finish.

Through a combination of specific camera angles, engaging cinematography, high quality audio capture and expert advice, I helped Zach Martin bring his wealth of knowledge and experience directly to his students, offering them an extra experience and perspective outside of the in-person lessons.

Production and Post-Production

To ensure the highest production quality and visual appeal, I made use top-of-the-line equipment and advanced cinematography techniques. I opted to use the Sony FX3 camera, known for its exceptional image quality and Dynamic Range and low-light capabilities. Capturing crystal-clear audio was paramount, and I achieved this using the DJI lavalier microphone, which ensured optimal sound clarity throughout the masterclass. To enhance stability and fluidity in our shots, I utilized the EasyRig and Gimbal, allowing for smooth camera movements and dynamic angles.

Post-production played a crucial role in refining the final product, and we turned to the powerful editing and color grading capabilities of Davinci Resolve 18.

This professional software enabled me to fine-tune the footage, create seamless transitions, and enhance the overall visual aesthetics of the Masterclass. Through meticulous editing and precise color grading, I crafted a visually stunning image that engages and captivates viewers from start to finish. The combination of top-notch equipment and skilled post-production techniques played a pivotal role in elevating the production value of the Golf Masterclass, ensuring an immersive and visually engaging learning experience for Zach students.


In addition to the production, I created a responsive platform, where Zach students could access the material and watch each lesson separately. I created a series of thumbnails that gives a clean look and serve as a guide to locate the lessons quickly.


You can access the Golf Masterclass with all the lessons by clicking the following link: Zach Martin – Golf Masterclass.

Time Log

Pre Production: 10 Hours
– Planning
– Meetings with Zach
– Scheduling
– Prepping Lesson Scripts
– Shot List

Production:  15 hours
– Prepping Gear
– 4 days of Shooting
– Pick up shots

Editing: 25 Hours
– Graphics
– Edit
– Lower Thirds and Animation
– Sound treatment
– Color Grading

Website and Thumbnails: 5 hours

My takeway

This project not only allowed me to enhance my video production skills but also emphasized the power of partnering with PGA professional such as Zach. I learned the value of putting 2 different passions (Video for me and Golf for Zach) into the same project, making teamwork a fun and rewarding experience.

During the execution of this project, I received constant feedback from Zach and from My mentor, Brother Mawlam. Showing me different perspectives that I had not seen before allowing me to improve and bring the results to a much higher level than what I previously had in mind. Collaboration and being able to listen is key.