Patterson Brothers Home Services: PR & Brand Campaign

Miranda Lee ~ Public Relations

Patterson Brothers Home Services: PR & Brand Campaign

I had a wonderful opportunity to work with Patterson Brothers Home Services, a home improvement and handyman service located in Kansas City, Missouri. Jon and Jason Patterson officially launched their business in late 2022. While they have had great success obtaining clients and prospective projects by word of mouth, they have a strong desire to learn how to better establish their brand, and working their way towards social media to help improve their outreach in the area and gain more awareness. For my project, I created a PR & brand campaign to help Patterson Brothers become a more established and recognized brand, by giving them an identity, as well as an online presence.

Research and Planning

To begin my project, I consulted with Jon and Jason about any ideas or inspiration they had. They directed me to a few different home improvement businesses that had large followings on Facebook and YouTube. From there, I gathered research into a mood board, along with photos from the clients.

From there, I began work on my book.

Creating Materials

After getting an approved color scheme and logo from Patterson Brothers, I began creating templates and print mediums to hand out. I kept branding consistent, and all designs have been presented to the clients, as well as digital copies sent to them when they are ready to proceed with printing materials.

Social Media Setup & Website

I set up Patterson Brothers on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I also created a Squarespace website for them to show project pictures, for customer reviews, blog posts, and for people to go request a quote. Squarespace is easy to navigate and has a simple layout, so Jon and Jason can navigate through their new website with ease. Patterson Brothers has chosen to wait to launch their website and social media accounts until after the summer season.

Blog Posts

Social Media Posts


After completion of my project, I was able to give Patterson Brothers Home Services an identity, and several items they could use to help increase their overall awareness and gain a larger client base. They get to focus on doing what they love, building inspiring projects and helping people, without the stress or confusion of how to get going in the digital era. With my project, Patterson Brothers Home Services will be able to successfully launch an online website, social media accounts, and have printable mediums to help grow even bigger once they are ready.


I would like to thank Tony Lee, a 2020 BYU-I graduate in Web Design and Development, and also my wonderful husband, for his assistance in logo design. Tony assisted me in using Adobe Illustrator to create logos for Patterson Brothers, and his work was used in the final approved logo design.

I would also like to thank Jason Reeder at BYU-Idaho, who mentored me on this project. Brother Reeder helped me form goals for my overall project, as well as provided me with valuable insight, ideas, and feedback that were essential to my project.

I would also like to thank Jon and Jason Patterson for allowing me to help them for my project. Jon and Jason have tremendous passion and joy in what they do, and I was honored to see into their business, and help them continue to grow and help others.