Cameron Culotta – Culotta Insurance and Investments


Project Description:

For my project, I was able to be a public relations manager for Culotta Insurance and Investments. This is an insurance company that is owned by my father. I was able to design business cards, business pens, a website, design billboards that are located around the states of Mississippi and Louisiana, and design the new logo on the outside of the new office building. I worked on this project for 10 weeks and for 63 hours total. I was able to create and provide advertising and marketing tools/resources for this insurance company.

Booth Description:

In my booth, I had the business cards, the business pens, the website pulled up on my laptop that I designed. The brochures and pamphlets that I laid out described what Culotta Insurance and Investments does and types of insurances it sells. On the poster board, I had pictures of the new office building logo that I designed, along with the numbers on how Culotta Insurance and Investments sells annuities indirectly in the market vs. those who invest their money directly into the stock market.

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Supplemental Materials:

Here is the video from above explaining my project and there will be a button leading to the website I designed.