Bridgette Hribar – Olive Ave.

Project Description: Olive Avenue is a local, women’s clothing boutique here Rexburg. Their company vision is to help their customers feel beautiful and confident both inside and out. For my senior project, I created an event called Let Your Beauty Shine. This event was planned to be a store after-hour party where customers could comeContinue reading “Bridgette Hribar – Olive Ave.”

Riley Garrett- ASI Social Media Campaign

Project Description For my senior project, I wanted to utilize the tools I’ve learned as I’ve studied advertising & social media. My client, Brad Brown, owns an I.T. company called A Systems Integrator/AccTech Solutions. This company has been in business in the central Oregon area for 17 years but has never done much advertising andContinue reading “Riley Garrett- ASI Social Media Campaign”

Alina Clemens – Boise River Dental re-branding

MY PROJECT A key element of any successful dental practice is its presentation and connection to its patients. During my project I helped re-brand the image of Boise River Dental a practice located in Boise, Idaho. The goal was to help create recognizable and professional content that would help endear the attributes and mission ofContinue reading “Alina Clemens – Boise River Dental re-branding”

Jennifer Chandler – The Good Steward Magazine

My Project For my senior project, I created a magazine called The Good Steward. The Good Steward is a magazine about environmental issues, informing readers about climate change and encouraging readers to become better stewards and caretakers over the planet. I embedded my magazine below instead of my video first – after all our seniorContinue reading “Jennifer Chandler – The Good Steward Magazine”

Mason Miller – Equipment Tutorials

Project Description For my project I completed a series of videos for the Communication Department Production Office. These videos consist of equipment tutorials for various items in the equipment office. The videos covered how to properly set up each of the pieces of equipment, how to use them properly, and how they should be used.Continue reading “Mason Miller – Equipment Tutorials”

Cheick Omar Fall – A Meeting with the Mayor of Rexburg

For my senior project, I decided to invite the mayor of Rexburg to speak to BYU-Idaho students about jobs and careers in Rexburg. This was an occasion for students to get to know about the opportunities available to them in the Rexburg area and what the city was doing to help students prepare for theContinue reading “Cheick Omar Fall – A Meeting with the Mayor of Rexburg”

Mark Baclawski – Shotguns & Sugar Technical Development

Project Description My project is all about filling the technical cracks in a podcast called Shotguns and Sugar. Shotguns and Sugar is a budding history podcast that covers early American history. In addition to mixing many of the podcasts themselves, I was specifically responsible for a dozen different improvements including updating the logo, creating aContinue reading “Mark Baclawski – Shotguns & Sugar Technical Development”

Jared Dann – What an Englishman Has Learned From Real Salt Lake

Project Description During my summer internship with Deseret News in 2019, I was tasked with creating an explainer video on a topic of my choice. The video had to have some relevance to the people in Utah as Deseret News is a Utah-based organization. Being from England and having a strong interest in soccer (football),Continue reading “Jared Dann – What an Englishman Has Learned From Real Salt Lake”

Marlee Nielsen – What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story? “What’s Your Story?” is a documentary series featuring five different individuals in five episodes ranging from 20-50 minutes an episode. We interact with others every day, but how well do we really know them? We can learn a lot if we take the time to hear their stories. In these episodes, eachContinue reading “Marlee Nielsen – What’s Your Story?”