Kimberlee Smith – Boho Glow Sunless Tanning

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Project Description

For my Senior Showcase, I was able to start a business called Boho Glow Sunless Tanning. Inspired by health, I wanted to create a business that would help people with practicing healthy tanning habits. With my project, I was able to create business websites on Instagram and Facebook as well as business cards with a QR codes referring to those websites.

I practiced my graphic design skills to create this original logo for the business, created and followed a PR plan for Boho Glow, managed and created content on social media pages, planned and pulled-off three tanning events at different student apartment complexes around Rexburg and had several interviews and articles written about my business. It has been an enriching experience running a business and I am grateful for the communication skills I have learned and applied with this project!


Kimberlee Smith in Rexburg, Idaho.

Good Works

Displaying her work.


Boho Glow Elements – PR plan, business cards, event poster, event presentation, tanning supplies, ect.

“Caring for your body is something that many take for granted. Prolonging your health is something that most everyone wants but many are not practicing the right habits for longevity.

One of the elements of prolonging your health is through taking care of your skin. Practices such as baking in tanning beds increases your chances of melanoma an varias cancers by 75%.

Boho Glow Sunless tanning promises quality, healthy and affordable tanning practices that both prolong and enrich your life. “”

— Kimberlee Smith

Custom Made Elements

PR Plan

Boho Glow Sunless Tanning PR Plan and Graphic Elements.


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I have learned with Boho Glow that these past four years in college has prepared me to to add value in my future employment. I am confident and willing to anything within the communications realm, such as creating:

  • PR Plans

  • Social Media Content

  • Marketing

  • Event Managing and Planning

  • Article Writing

    . I have learned the importance of consistency and transparency when it comes to interacting with the public about a business. Success comes through being able to change, adapt, and fit the needs of others. Communicating is about being selfless, personable and honest in all things. Success also comes with involving other businesses and partnering with other companies to lift each other up and support the small business world.

Thank you for this opportunity with Senior Showcase and stay healthy in this perilous time!