Ward Hicks Example

Header Shot: a shot that includes the student and the boothHeader Shot: a shot that includes the student and the booth

Header Shot: a shot that includes the student and the booth

Project Description

Here is an area to give a brief description of the project. Note that a video of the student pitching the project and supplementary content will be included below this. So this is a teaser or introduction to the rest of the post. Watch the video below to get instructions on how what is expected of you.

You should then include some detail shots of your booth setup and comment here or on the photo captions of what you’re showing.


IMG_0417 (1).jpgIMG_0417 (1).jpg



Supplemental Materials

Below this, you’ll see a number of examples of extra materials that you could include. If you’ve written a paper, put together a book, taken photos, created designs, made a video, recorded a podcast or anything else, show it here.

Above you’ll see an example of a video that is embedded from youtube. Below this you’ll see several buttons that link to things or take you to a podcast page.

You can also post large blocks of text like this example that has pull quotes, bulleted lists, headers and subheaders.

H1 example Everyone loves

port-salut cheese slices. Dolcelatte cheese slices hard cheese emmental chalk and cheese manchego everyone loves fromage. Pecorino cut the cheese everyone loves squirty cheese manchego red leicester goat port-salut. Bavarian bergkase cheese slices babybel caerphilly stinking bishop rubber cheese mascarpone cheeseburger. Mozzarella airedale cut the cheese melted cheese roquefort manchego melted cheese macaroni cheese. Say cheese when the cheese comes out everybody’s happy cheeseburger ricotta pecorino airedale stilton.

Pull Quote Example: Mozzarella taleggio croque monsieur. Edam smelly cheese cream cheese cream cheese blue castello cheeseburger chalk and cheese mascarpone.

  • Bulleted List Example: Fromage cheeseburger caerphilly

  • the big cheese stilton everyone loves cauliflower cheese mascarpone.

  • Smelly cheese emmental red leicester fondue

  • stinking bishop squirty cheese cheese and biscuits jarlsberg. Danish fontina camembert de normandie feta roquefort goat bocconcini taleggio danish fontina.

H2 example Stinking bishop say cheese cheddar

stilton goat the big cheese fromage frais airedale. Monterey jack cheese and biscuits cheese on toast cheese and wine.

Camembert de normandie airedale when the cheese comes out everybody’s happy. Everyone loves babybel cream cheese swiss feta roquefort mozzarella bocconcini. Manchego cheese on toast pepper jack cow feta chalk and cheese caerphilly when the cheese comes out everybody’s happy. Caerphilly stilton everyone loves taleggio edam croque monsieur ricotta cheese on toast. Smelly cheese mozzarella rubber cheese manchego chalk and cheese cheeseburger swiss cheesy grin. Croque monsieur when the cheese comes out everybody’s happy when the cheese comes out everybody’s happy swiss cheese and biscuits taleggio st. agur blue cheese.

Feta when the cheese comes out everybody’s happy cheese and wine. Bocconcini cauliflower cheese cheese strings cheesecake cheesy feet cream cheese who moved my cheese feta. St. agur blue cheese mascarpone bocconcini feta red leicester ricotta fromage stinking bishop. Blue castello taleggio mozzarella bocconcini fromage st. agur blue cheese mozzarella goat. Feta port-salut croque monsieur smelly cheese fromage caerphilly mascarpone fromage. Boursin feta swiss cut the cheese mozzarella emmental camembert de normandie cheese slices. Pepper jack taleggio cheese and biscuits bocconcini cow cheese slices when the cheese comes out everybody’s happy paneer. Cauliflower cheese who moved my cheese.

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