Amy Bakes – Dating Go-to Guide

My Project

For my senior project, I created a podcast and a website. My podcast is a relationship podcast, titled, ‘The Dating Go-to Guide’. I decided to to do a relationship podcast because I have taken many Marriage and Family classes while I have attended BYU-Idaho. I often think to myself, “I wish everyone knew what I now know.” I figured that creating a podcast and a website would be an excellent way to inform others on how to have happy, healthy relationships. I reached out to many of the professors I have taken classes from and was able to conduct interviews with them. I also was able to interview couples I admire and was able to discuss with them how they were able to make their marriage work. A lot of networking was involved with creating this podcast, which was a great growing and learning experience. I edited everything using audacity and I decided to use the hosting site, Anchor. Through Anchor, I was able to create a small icon for my podcast. Additionally, I was able to upload everything to Spotify to make it easily accessible for others. Each podcast I conducted was about half an hour long.

Along with my podcast, I created a website as another place to upload my podcasts. I also posted blog posts of research I had done regarding happy, healthy relationships. I used WordPress to create my website. I created an envelop icon using Indesign to place on the side bar of my blog. I also added a blog page to post my podcast and blog posts, an about page to inform my followers on why I do what I do, a contact page in case anyone has questions, and a home page to direct my followers to my content!

I had so much fun with this project and honestly enjoyed every minute of it, make sure to check out my podcast and website, the links will be provided for you down below!

With my booth I had a TV to show my website and podcast. I also had an eternal love sign and a ceramic of a couple.

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Supplemental Materials