Maddie Fillmore – Careers Under Construction


Project Description

My project was planning the internship expedition to Salt Lake for the Construction Management department. My responsibilities included contacting companies for the students to visit, assisted in creating the application for students, organizing the student meeting, and creating marketing materials announcing the expedition.

I put together 2 books for the expedition, an itinerary book and a student career book. The itinerary book included the itinerary, contact information, and write ups of each company. The students wrote the write ups to go in the book. The students were able to use this book during the expedition to read about each company and take notes. For the student career book, I complied information about each student to give to the companies we visited. This information includes internship and job availability, career goals, a headshot and a short bio about themselves. Companies found this very helpful to have all that information in one place. Both of these books were created in Adobe InDesign.

One of the nights during the expedition was a Networking Dinner that I put together. The purpose of this dinner was to give students an opportunity to meet with other companies and network with them on a personal level. This also gave me the opportunity to showcase my event skills as that is the field I want to go in too. The event was a huge success and the students felt it greatly benefited them. This dinner took place on Salt Lake Community College campus at the Miller Conference Centre. The food was catered by Miller Catering.

After the expedition I sent out a survey to the students to ask what their experience was and if they had any luck finding a job or an internship. 11% said they got a job, 44% said they are close to getting an offer, and the other 44% said that because of this expedition they have great connections.

Overall the expedition was a great success. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to go on this expedition to see the work that I did go into play. During the expedition I took pictures and made it into a video for the students to enjoy and that is what is playing here. I was able to use my design skills in creating a poster, the two books we used on the expedition and an event guide that includes everything I did or used to make this expedition possible. I am also grateful that I was able to use my event management skills to help this students have a greater experience meeting with companies.

Booth Details

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Project Materials

Below are the pdf’s of the books I created used during and after the expedition.

During the expedition I took a bunch of pictures to create a video for the students to enjoy. We met owners, had dinner with HR directors, and had a great time getting to know each other.