Courtney Russell-Public Relations Plan for Glaze Creek Lures




Since I am a Public Relations major, I wanted to help a business somehow. Through some searching, I was able to find a business who was just starting out. The name of the business is Glaze Creek Lures. Glaze Creek Lures is a fishing company. When Nicholas-CEO and founder of the company- and me first started, we had almost nothing- no logo, no website, no Facebook page, just fishing tools for sale. However, we were able to help this company grow in leaps and bounds through doing basic Public Relations work.

Public Relations Plan: Public Relations Plan

Glaze Creek Lures

Spring 2020

Courtney Russell


Goals and Objectives:

Nicholas Thebeau has a few fishing hooks available for purchase. His business is starting off very small, so one goal is to increase awareness. He is looking for ways to expand his business. A few ways we are going to do this is by starting with a Facebook page. We will also start with a website. The Facebook page and website will showcase the merchandise he has for sale and some information he has on fishing.


Target Audiences:

We hope to start by appealing to the audience in Nicholas’s area in Illinois who love to hunt and fish. We also want to appeal to their families as well.



We hope to start on Facebook. The internet will be our first platform to help gain awareness. We also hope to get traffic on the website since the website is what will create sales.


Key Messages:

The fishing gear Nicholas makes is unique because it is made of plastic. It is also lighter than most fishing gear made. We want to showcase why having them be lighter is beneficial to catching bass fish because they are lighter.


Communication Vehicles:

The first communication vehicle we have available is social media platforms, particularly Facebook. Here, we will post fishing tips and merchandise for sale.

We will be posting merchandise for sale twice weekly. We also hope to post fishing tips at least once a month.


Time Chart Schedule:

End of April to Mid-May: Create content and logo.


May-June: Get logo approval and use it to create Facebook page and website.


June-July: Post fishing tips on Facebook page once or twice. Show supplies for sale. Continue to help with social media work.

The first thing I did after I found Nicholas and his vision was set up a Facebook page. The first post I put on the Facebook page After I created it was a little information section about him, his company and his love for the activity of fishing.




We continued to do other social media work by posting merchandise for sale and content that included helpful tips for fishing.

The next thing we created together was a website. The website, in addition to showing content and merchandise for sale, allows viewers to make purchases and having them be shipped to your home.




I also helped to create content. Nicholas would send me a helpful tip for fishing and I would find a picture that went well with what he said, put the tip on the picture and publish it on the website and Facebook page.

Picture Credit:

I continue to help with Social Media Management through posting fishing tips.

After starting from nothing, we were able to have a few sales, reach almost 40 likes on the Facebook page, and get a good amount of traffic and views on the website.

For time spent, I spent 25 hours doing set up. Set up could include anything from Facebook page setup, to logo setup and website set up. I spent the remaining 25 hours making sure we were up to date on any information, making weekly posts about merchandise available, checking the traffic on the website, and creating content.

I learned when starting a business, there is so much potential. There is no wrong way to go, but starting with the basics of logo and content creation and getting followers on Facebook and other things is what will help a business grow the most. I am really proud of where Nicholas and I were able to go after starting off with so little.


We have reached almost 40 likes on Facebook.

His website is getting about 20 views a week.