Janie Berg – Wise Money Tools



Project Description

My original plan was to take over as social media director for a financial consultant’s company, Wise Money Tools. Before, the company merely had various social media accounts made, but little to nothing posted in the last year. My goal was to start to create content and post for the company. I would focus on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I wanted to gain more of a following and a community. I would reach out and interact as much as I could with the audience and competitors to grow the platforms.

I came to learn a few things as I started the project. Someone had already taken over the Youtube account for the company, so I couldn’t work with that platform. After some research and consulting with my mentor, it was decided that LinkedIn would be a good platform for the audience that this company targets. I optimized and improved the platforms of Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for my project.

I focused on creating content and posting frequently. Even just by doing those simple things and being involved on the platforms, helped the following and community grow a lot.

I spent the majority of my time, about 30-40 hours creating and posting content. Included with this was reaching out to competitors and interacting with the audience. I used programs such as Illustrator and Canva to execute the content. The company had a lot of videos ready to post. I used these videos a lot and repurposed them for the various platforms. I took about 20-25 hours transcribing the videos and making PowerPoints for them that were easy to read. This was used for LinkedIn and improved the organic reach a lot by posting these frequently.

I accomplished the majority of my goals. I unfortunately wasn’t able to run the ads myself, because there was already someone else doing that. However, when those posts were boosted, they did very well.

I gained 48 followers on Instagram and 13 followers on LinkedIn. I improved the reach and interaction a lot. Before, no one reached out. Now, more people message with questions and the company has even gotten some leads by giving out their free book. I would say this was a success for starting from basically nothing.

It was hard at first, because I knew a lot about social media, but it was really hard to figure out the right audience and content to post for a financial consultant. After some time though, I began to figure out the right strategy.

I have a better idea of what the audience is looking for and what type of content they consume. For the future, I will create videos and PDF files for LinkedIn. I will slow down on the Instagram posting and focus my efforts hopefully on Twitter and then maybe one day, Youtube.

I need to do better at inviting interaction on the posts by asking questions and having more involvement. I will also like to hopefully run ads on my own in the future as well.

Overall, it was a great experience. I learned a lot about repurposing content and learning different types of content for different types of audiences.