Kaydee Edralin – Creation Abomination PR Campaign




Project Video and Description

Creation Abomination is a book series written by Alan Thompson. There are currently two books published. Book two, Abomination Desolation, was launched in March of 2020 so my project focuses a little more on the Public Relations and Marketing Campaign for that book. I received permission from Alan to use all of this artwork and information for my project.

Written Content

I created a PR Campaign Book (available by clicking the link) that details out the campaign and its evaluation.

Here are some of the pitch letters I wrote and sent out:

Pitch Letter to Reviewer 1

Pitch Letter to Reviewer 2

Pitch Letter to Journalist

Pitch Letter to Blogs for Feature

Pitch Letter for Virtual Book Fair

Pitch Letter for Libraries

Social Media Content

Figure 1. One of the Scavenger Hunt posts I created. You can see there are words hidden within the image. Followers were encouraged to tag friends and DM us the words they found for a chance to win a poster.

The caption on Instagram was:

In celebration of the launch of book two – Abomination Desolation, we are having a new bi-weekly contest where you can win a Poster or Game Mat of your choice. For this SCAVENGER HUNT, we have hidden five (5) words in the photo. For each word you find, you receive a chance to win a free poster or game mat! The hidden words are related to book two – Abomination Desolation.
Once you’ve found the words, two simple steps:
1) DM them to us directly (do not put this in comments – make everyone else work for it!) 2) Tag a friend in the comments (share the love)
You must do both to enter!

Each word you find is an entry. The more you find, the better your chances! We will announce the winner on Friday and DM you back for an address to send your choice of prize to!



We received great feedback on these types of contests such as this comment:




Figure 2. This is an example of the reveal images I posted to gain enthusiasm for the new artwork for Book 2. Every other day I would post a new close up image, then on Friday I would post the final reveal of the entire image. These types of posts got a lot of interaction from our followers. The artwork is very popular for our Instagram account.

Figure 3. Images from the “Which Demon Are You” Quiz as well as the possible demon results and the lore I wrote for them.




Time Tracking:

Weekly Planning Meetings: 16 hours

Content Creation: 30 hours

Writing and Researching Lore: 25 hours

Researching promotional groups, reviewers, and journalists: 10 hours

Reading the books: 20 hours

Total: 101 Hours