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Project Objective

Utah Home Detective is a local realtor’s, personal brand. Her motto is “Buying and Selling is Elementary.” and puts forth the effort to make the process of buying and selling homes as simple as possible for her clients. However, Utah Home Detective’s Facebook page was pretty out of date and barely used. So for my Senior Project, I partnered with Utah Home Detective to bring a more professional presence to her Facebook page.

The original intent of the project was to put the Utah Home Detective brand under a complete redesign and manage posting for the span of the project. However, as we started, my client decided to put her own house on the market and prepare to move out of state. This required a change in direction, so we sat down together to define 3 Major Goals that needed to be met before she moved. These were:

  1. BRAND REDESIGN – My client still wanted the Facebook to be redesigned to a professional quality to maintain her business with her new intent.

  2. SELLING THE HOUSE – Since my client was selling her own home, she was actually having difficulty finding buyers that would qualify for the higher market value.

  3. TRANSACTION COORDINATING PARTNER – My client is planning to move out of state, but still wants to keep her liscense here in Utah to remotely do Transaction Coordinating for her brokerage. So she was in need of finding other Utah Equity Agents to partner with her.

Brand Re-Design Creations

Housing Ad Campaign


Funnel Method: Direct Messaging

Age: 25-45

Location: Utah & California

Interests: Country Living OR Horse, AND Houses for Sale

Ran for 5 Days




Challenges –

The original intent of the ad was to target individuals who would qualify for a higher price margin and match the aesthetic of the house’s environment to the interests of the targets. Then funnel them to message the Utah Home Detective page as leads. However, Facebook flags ads pertained to Housing and/or Employment as a Special Ad category which causes restrictions on targeting methods due to Anti-Discrimination laws. Since this ad was flagged, it then needed to be restructured and re-strategized as follows:

Age: 18-65+ (unchangeable)

Location: Utah & California

Interests: Country Living AND Housing (restricted)

Results –

The ad reached 8,290 people and recieved 59 messages to the Facebook page. Many of the messages were dead ends, but a few continued contact with my client. Some other interesting results includes the majority of individuals reached were Men (53%), but the majority of those who messaged the page were Women (54%).


Transaction Coordinating Partner Ad




Funnel Method: Direct Messaging

Age: 20-45

Location: Utah

Interests: Equity Real Estate AND Realtor (job title)

Ran for 5 days

Challenges –

The original intent behind this ad was to use a testimonial quote from one of Utah Home Detective’s current partners to attract other Utah Equity Realtors and generate conversations through messenger. But again, the ad was flagged as a Special Ad category and needed to be restructured to accommodate the restricted targeting. This was done as follows:

Age: 18-65+ (unchangeable)

Location: Utah

Interests: Real Estate AND Realtor

Results –

This ad did not perform as well as the first. It only reached 193 people and received 0 messages. The fault in this ad compared to the first is the copy is too wordy, the intent may not be clear, and due to the restricted targeting, the potential reach was very small. I would do this ad again using a different funneling method, condensed copy, and a better understanding of Facebook’s Special Ad category.

Case Report & Style Guide

The following was created as an end-of-project summary and analysis for my client. The intent was to report on the work done including the 3 Major Goals and their action plans, the ad campaigns, and a Style Guide for future use of the Utah Home Detective brand.


Overall, the outcome of this project was very positive. I was able to learn a lot from taking over the Utah Home Detective brand and stategize ways to achieve the 3 Major Goals my client had. The redesign of the Home Detective Brand was challenge of creativity and the ability to bring a small local business to life. The ad campaigns were an immense challenge due the unforseen targeting restrictions. Although the Transaction Coordinating ad didn’t perform well, a new strategy and stucture has been fabricated if my client desires to try again. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Utah Home Detective and the ability to explore strategic content creation.

Project Hours: