Jenni Jacobsmeyer – Hole Foods Bakery Social Media Campaign




Project Description

For my senior project, I partnered with Hole Foods Bakery to run a social media campaign. Hole Foods Bakery is a local family run business in Mesquite, Nevada. They have been open since August 2019, and have stayed fairly busy. They first started out selling only donuts, but have expanded their menu to include cookies, muffins, various pastries, and now salads and sandwiches!

The main objectives of this campaign were to have 1,000 followers on Instagram by June 5, 2020, and to raise brand awareness in order to pull in new customers. In order to reach these objectives, I spent my time creating and posting content for Instagram and planning an event that would take place on June 5, 2020, to celebrate National Donut Day at Hole Foods Bakery.

I was able to track the effectiveness of this plan with two different methods. First, tracking Instagram analytics helped me see how many followers Hole Foods Bakery was gaining per week. The goal of reaching 1,000 followers on Instagram was achieved before June 5, 2020, and the account has continued to gain followers. The second method for tracking the effectiveness of this plan was creating a post-campaign survey. This survey was posted to the Hole Foods Bakery Instagram page after the event took place. The survey consisted of a few brief questions that helped track how aware the audience was of this business before and after the campaign. The survey was well received and had a total of 21 responses.

Overall, this project helped me to gain more real-life experience in my chosen field. I learned how to apply the skills I have been taught in my college career, while also learning new skills that will help me in my future professional career. Most importantly, I learned how crucial communication is while working on a team. I was jumping into a team that already had a consistent process for getting work accomplished. I had to learn how to fit in with the Hole Foods Bakery team and how they accomplished tasks, while also sharing my own opinions and ideas of how to run the campaign. In the end, it was a great learning experience and I’m looking forward to implementing the work ethic, communication lessons and media strategy skills I gained from my work with Hole Foods.

Booth Details

Time Spent

I spent a total of 52 hours carrying out this project. Most of my time was spent brainstorming, creating, and posting content to the Hole Foods Bakery Instagram page. The rest of my time was spent traveling and participating in team meetings, planning and running the event, and creating the project report.

Supplemental Materials






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This is an example of one of my weekly content calendars I created and sent in for approval.