Gabrielle Nau – Social Media Specialist for Hudson the Poodle




Hudson the Poodle

For my booth I am displaying a picture of my client, the Croft family, and the brand I created for them.



The posting schedule for Youtube.

The posting schedule for Youtube.

This is one of the videos I created for the Croft family. It is live on Hudson’s Youtube channel, and it is called “What treats do poodles like?”.

My experience

This project has been an amazing experience for me. To begin, I didn’t know anything about dogs, the community, or the market. I took on this project because I knew it would be challenging for me. Having the opportunity to gain practical experience and apply the knowledge I have gained in communications has boosted my self confidence as a business professional. The Croft family counted on me to make their brand into something of worth. I spent countless hours perfecting Hudson the Poodle not only for the Croft family, but for the integrity of the brand. I learned that creating a brand isn’t as easy as getting content and posting it. Creating a brand takes exceptional communication between all parties, detailed and specific goals and objectives, and close attention to analytics. I also found a passion for the work I was doing and the brand I was creating. I took pride in ever aspect of the brand and when I look at it now, it is something that I did to help someone else. I enjoyed utilizing my talents to the growth of a family business. I hope in the future the skills and the help that I offered to Croft family will aid them with Hudson’s success and the brand will see many blessings and opportunities.

Hours into the project:

May 4th-July 1st: 1 hour everyday actively engaging with the community and responding to messages or comments. (51 hours)

May 18th- June 29th: Every Monday edited Youtube videos for 1 hour.

(8 hours)

May 4th- June 29th: Every Monday sit with the Croft family to go over our analytics and what to improve on for the coming week. (30 min per meeting)

(4 1/2 hours)


Total Hours for the project: 63.5 hours total