Avery Johnson – Social Media Takeover: Vogue Beauty College and Salon

Social Media Takeover: Vogue Beauty College and Salon

Vogue Beauty College and Salon owner was ready to give her social media a face-lift. This was a challenge I was willing to undergo. There were many tasks along the way. I had to make sure that the transition to different and more consistent posts was seamless, come up with new creative ideas, and make everything cohesive and appealing.

Tik tok has become something huge in the social media marketing industry. When talking with the owner about goals for social media, this is something we wanted to break into. Right before we reopened from coronavirus closures we made this video to get people excited to come back into the salon. This specific dance and song was something that was trending so we hopped on board. We ended up getting 5.2k views on the Facebook page. We got 700+ views on Tik Tok. Then we also got 300+ views on our Instagram post.


When I began this project, I was taking over the social media responsibilities from someone else. Before I took over, posting wasn’t consistent, there was a specific posting pattern followed, stock photos were used, and other things that we wanted to change. Here are some screenshots of what the instagram looked like before I took over.







Only 3 of the above pictures are actual students work. The rest of the images are either ones from Pinterest, other online sources, or just text images. On the screenshot on the right you can see where the pattern of every third picture being a text post with white background happens. I wanted to get away from both the stock images and text posts on every third post. That severely limits you in your posting. One of the biggest goals I had for this project was to make almost ever post a post that was students work or was created myself. I did not want to have to pull anything off the internet.


The following screenshots are what the posts look like now after I have revamped the social media.

Content Created

Two big things that I worked on were two tik toks. There is the one video above, and another braiding one we did. We did a giveaway, see picture below, for guess how many red hots in the jar. We got a lot of engagement with the giveaway, which was the goal. We ended up getting 139 entries on facebook. There was 230 engagements with the post. We also did a fun giveaway for the Fourth of July to get engagement. We are having everyone that enters tag 4 people so we can attract attention to the post and our pages. Another post I did was a mother’s day spa special. In the past, they post stock facial photos but I wanted to create my own. See the facial photo below.


When I first started, it was hard to find good pictures other students at the Vogue Beauty College and Salon were taking of their clients to repost on our main page. They often were not posed well, taken in bad lighting, etc. I talked to the owner of the school about teaching a class on how to take a good picture for instagram and how to build their instagram pages and such and ended up doing it. I showed some videos on youtube of what the best way for them to take the picture was and gave my own tips as well. I then had everyone practice what I had taught them. I have seen a huge difference in the photos students are taking for their own instagram and other social media pages. We are hoping to do another class more in detail in the upcoming weeks

Student of the Week

They have always done students of the week and of the month at the school, but I suggested we start a highlight of them on the social media pages. This way people can get to know some of the students. I created a list of interview questions to get to know these students better and then use the info to create a cute graphic to post each time we get a new one. I made a highlight bubble on instagram so they are all in one place. Then at the beginning of each month we post a picture of the student for that month along with all the students of the week from the previous month. We figured posting these weekly would be too much of an overload so this was a good compromise. Here are some of the ones I have done so far.