Kaylee Anderson – Kaylee Sue Photos PR Plan




Project Description

I’m turning my photography hobby into a photography business, and I needed a plan. I needed to gain clients in an effective way to get my business off the ground. So, I created a public relations plan with two main objectives to accomplish my overall goal. My objectives were:

  1. Increase Instagram following to 600 by August 1

  2. Book at least weekly client sessions by September 1

I spent time researching my demographic, creating business and promotional materials, developing and implementing a social media plan, and taking photos for my portfolio. I can’t wait to watch my business grow!

My booth includes a slideshow of examples of my work from this project, such as photos and visual materials I created. It also includes social media insights to show the growth that my brand has already had. Here are the images I included in my slideshow:

Campaign Materials

Research is a vital step in any public relations campaign. I created a survey to better understand my audience’s paint points and how I can address them.

I created a campaign book that entails each aspect of my public relations campaign. You can view the book by clicking the button here.

I also updated a style guide that I had previously created to keep my branding materials consistent on social media. I used to refer to my photography as Kaylee T. Photos, but I needed to update my accounts to remove T that stood for my maiden name.

I created a second survey that I will send to clients after delivering their photos so that I can continually improve my customer experience.

Portfolio Building

An important part of my plan was to take pictures for my portfolio to build credibility. Below are images I took at a wedding, in the mountains, and for an engagement shoot. I incorporated many of these into my social media plan.



I spent some time updating my website and blog to better showcase my work and act as a portfolio. Here is a link and screenshot of my website.

Collateral Materials

I created marketing and client materials to make my client experience as smooth as possible and make my brand more recognizable.

Social Media Insights

My social media insights will be a valuable tool in measuring the success of my campaign. I used Hootsuite to schedule posts and post at effective times. The screenshots below show the growth that my accounts have already experienced since beginning my social media plan, and I’m excited to build on this progress.








Hourly Report

Finally, my hourly report is can be found at the link here. I have enjoyed (almost) every minute of this project, and I plan to use this momentum to build my business into the future.