Devon Killian – A Miraculous Way Screenplay




My Project

I decided to write a screenplay. Writing stories has been my
passion and dream for a very long time now. Ever since I understood what a
movie was, I knew I wanted to be part of that world. I soon realized that
writing screenplays was where my heart was set. So, that is what I did for my
Senior Project. I wrote a movie. I not only wrote the screenplay, but I drew
out a few scenes in storyboard form, went out to location and took pictures of
where my movie takes place, and I wrote out a character breakdown.

In order to finish all of this I knew I would have to write
every day. I made a goal to write out two scenes each day. No matter how many
pages a scene was, I had to finish it. I first started out by doing a very
detailed outline of my story on notecards. This was an enjoyable task because
this story has been in the works in my mind for many, many years now, so to
write out every detail, name, and scene was thrilling.

Description of Booth

For my booth I wanted to put my printed screenplay and Character Breakdown displayed on my table. I decided to have a simple slideshow of the photographs I took of the locations my story takes place. I wanted the video to be played on a loop. Behind me I have my Outline taped up and my Storyboard.

More Information

My screenplay is about a young crop-duster, Jared LoWard, who
has a beautiful and, seemingly, full-filled life. Everything changes when he is
hit with many hardships that, not only challenge him, but the ones he loves
also. One of these hardships is when his plane goes down, crashing in a field.
This results in him not remembering anything about his life or who he is. He
has to rediscover his life, friends, and the love of his life. While doing
this, with the help of new friends he is introduced to the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. This, most of all, causes problems when his devote Lutheran mother, best
friend, and girl friend disagree with what he is being taught. They just want
the old Jared back. But, for some reason, Jared can’t walk away from the
teachings. We not only see the journey Jared goes on, but also how his actions effect
those around him.

Writing this has been an experience I will never forget. I
understand the time and effort it takes into getting a story on paper and
sharing it with others, getting feedback, and revising. A story is a living
thing that never feels completed. This was hard for me. Even now, I feel like
my story in not complete. But, the most important thing I now know, is that I
have the capability to do this, and it is still very much my passion. A passion
that I will not stop pursuing anytime soon. Thank you.