Amalia Palmer – Building my Business




Hi my name is Amalia Palmer. My major is Communications with an emphasis in visual communications. My dream job is to build my own photography business and so I decided to create social media content to grow my client base. For my senior project I did a total of 20 different photo shoots consisting of families, couples, and portrait. I edited the best images from each shoot. Then I picked 1-3 of the best images from the shoots and posted them three times a week. My voice for each of my posts are different tips that can help other photographers to improve with me. In total I did over 50 hours of work for my business. As a result, I gained more followers on social media, I made connections with people I might work with in the future, and I have an additional 50 photos to add to my portfolio. I became a better photographer through this project. I feel more prepared for the future moving forward. I printed 4 different photographs from my shoots to show my future clients how their picture might print. I am so excited to jump into working on my business full time.

Video Presentation

Time Break Down

25 hours spent photographing families, couples, and portraits.

25 hours editing pictures, selecting my favorites, and posting on social media

Additional hours spent contacting people and setting up appointments, and traveling


Check out my Instagram @amaliaannephotograpy