James Raney- Musical Jingles




My Project

Becoming a Jingle writer has always been a dream of mine. Music and Advertising has a special place in my heart. For my Senior Project I wrote and composed five 30 second jingles for various companies. I researched the top ten jingles that were ever created to figure out what made them so memorable. So I picked five companies that could improve their brand awareness and advertising. To broaden my skillets I choose companies that were vastly different. To begin this project I first looked at the research and broke it into four parts. The first part was history. Here I looked where the company started and looked how it has evolved throughout time. I researched the successes and failures that they have had. Next I looked at what they did. Here I analyzed the products that they sold, and how they stood out from the competitions. Then I focused on researching the target audience. Finding the target audience I research the demographics and psychographics. With demographics I looked at gender, ethnicity, age, education and household income. Then with the psychographics I looked at what they valued and believed in. The final step was figuring the motivation to buy. I had to find the answer to what is a unique trait or characteristic that this company offers that will make a customer purchase it? This project helped me understand the jingle writing process from start to finish. I learned a great deal of combining research and creativity.

At my booth I had the music scores for the five companies that I wrote jingles for. I also had two monitors where I did research and created the music using Logic Pro X.

My work

Dave’s Killer Bread

Simple Sugars

Wicked Good Cupcakes

Bantam Bagels