Wendi Gratzl – Perf Scherf Campaign Plan

For my Senior Project I worked with Perf Scherf Parlour to build and design a Public Relations Campaign Book that had a focus on increasing awareness and creating a Social Media Plan with that goal in mind. I also incorporated and had in mind many of the restraints and challenges from the current pandemic due to COVID-19 throughout the whole campaign plan. 

Throughout this project I spent time researching the current brand of Perf Scherf, researching different areas and ideas for social media plans, looking at their current social media interactions and engagements, creating content for the campaign plan, and designing the campaign plan book. 

To sum up the amount of time I spent on this project, it was about 50 hours. I worked on the research, brainstorming and planning sections of the project for about 10 hours. This time also includes the time I took to contact my client and find out her goals. I spent about 25 hours creating and revising content for the campaign book. The designing portion of the campaign book took me about 15 hours to complete. To complete the other reports and video took me about 2 hours. 

The campaign plan is attached here and contains all content and work that was created for this project within. I will continue to work to see out the evaluation portion of the project in the following months as it is taking place and being put to action. The campaign plan contains the plan for evaluation.