Kaitlyn Johns- Center Stage Student Director Handbook

Project Description:

For my senior project, I created a project involving student employees within the Center Stage organization here at BYU-Idaho. There is quite a bit of turnover with these student positions, but not many training materials are available to ease these transitions. Since Center Stage lacks clearly outlined training protocols and definitions of the roles and responsibilities within student positions, any organization shifts cause significant disruption within the organizational flow. I have written and designed a handbook to be used as a guide to help new Center Stage student directors successfully transition into their respective positions.

This handbook covers the organizational breakdown of Center Stage. Specifically, it goes into detail, outlining the duties and responsibilities of the Event Manager Student Director position, the Visual & Social Media Marketing Manager Student Director position, and Center Stage Board Member positions. In the last year, I have learned so much about Center Stage. But, as I rose through the ranks, I struggled to understand what exactly was expected of me. Every time there is a student employee transition, it causes severe disruption to the way Center Stage is run. Time is wasted in confusion, and necessary protocols and procedures are either distorted or lost.

This handbook is available in booklet form and as a PDF online. It will be passed onto Dale Hillier, Center Stage & Performance Tours Specialist, and to the new student director taking my position next semester.



I know that this handbook will help provide stability and growth to the Center Stage organization. There are so many different moving parts to putting on these professional performances at BYU-Idaho. As students use this handbook as a guide in their training, they will work more efficiently in their respective roles. Not only will this be passed down to Student Directors as they move on, but it can also be edited and adapted as new practices and protocols come into play. These are the tools that I wish I had when I was learning the ropes, and this is the legacy I want to leave behind as I graduate BYU-Idaho and move on from Center Stage.

I have learned so much about what goes into the processes of a successful event management organization. This handbook that I have created will be a great addition to my portfolio as I plan on working professionally in event management.

How I spent my time:

Research & Meeting with Client- 4.5 hours

Writing handbook- 32 hours

Designing handbook-15 hours

Presentation preparation- 4 hours

Total= 55.5 hours