Eliza Stone – The Old/New Car Empire

Project Summary:


Making three branding marketing video for Fatt Larry’s customs, a small local family owned company based in Sugar City, Idaho.

Pre Production:


For pre production, I spent 20 hours forming questions, scheduling, and figuring out what their wants and needs are for each video.


About Fatt Larry’s – For preparation on the interview as well as b-roll, I did most of my communication through Fatt Larry Jr. who was over their marketing, to see what information they want spread out there. Once I got through the interview, I was able to see what b-roll was needed to help demonstrate what was being said.


1978 Corvette –  The main part of planning for this video was showing the most important elements of the car. The biggest process was being able to understand the car world a bit more so I could be able to create their vision of how they saw this car.


1994 Jeep – The filming for this video took the most planning and scheduling because it was a longer process and took many pauses to plan and prepare each part of the restoration process and what needed to be done and which parts should be shown.




The production process took 55 hours of film, 40 of that going towards the orange jeep.


About Fatt Larry’s – Most of the time was focused on the interviews and getting Fatt Larry and Fatt Larry Jr. comfortable in front of the camera, and also being willing to re-answer questions that were messed up. For equipment I got to improvise with what they had for lighting, since I don’t have any. I was able to use lights they use to light up underneath their car.


1978 Corvette – For this video, I worked and focused on moving shots, using a stabilizer and having the sun for lighting. For inside the car shots, I mostly went handheld to get wide shots as well as close ups of the dashboard during driving.


1994 Jeep – This video took the longest film because it shows each part of the process. One of the key factors for this was communication so I would know when they’d be working on key parts for the jeep that they wanted in the video.


Post Production:


Editing took 33 hours.


About Fatt Larry’s – The most important part about this process was the making sure the coloring is similar because of the diverse coloring and shading. Also, I tried to make sure that each clip helped tell the story.


1978 Corvette – The biggest thing I had to work on was stabilizing some of the walk around shots. The other big focus for this was the flow and eye tracing that goes along to the beat of the music.


1994 Jeep – One part that I had to keep in mind for editing this video is seeing which parts of each video were important enough to keep in and show what Fatt Larry’s could do. Another part to keep in mind was making sure it wasn’t super long to keep the audience’s attention span. Each clip was thought out clearly and carefully.


What I’ve Learned:


The biggest lesson I’ve learned through this whole experience is how key communication is. Not only with explaining video and understanding what they want with only a little explanation, but the when and where as well since most of the production can’t be scheduled for a day or two because it’s restoration with lots of interruptions with customers coming in and out.