Michael Boyack – Andrew Wayne Studio Brand Identity




Welcome to my Showcase!

Hi, My name is Michael Boyack. I study communications with an emphasis in advertising and a focus on visual media. Please enjoy my senior project that I created for Andrew Wayne Studio.

My Project

I wanted to do something for my senior project that could both showcase the skills I’ve developed at BYU-Idaho and push me to learn a little more. That’s why I decided to work with Andrew Wayne Studio. Besides an outdated logo, Andrew Wayne Studio had no previous branding whatsoever. They wanted a brand identity but never had time to work on that side of their business. To solve that problem, I developed a style guide, created a website from scratch, and redesigned their logo and business cards. Each one of these projects helped me hone my craft and, simultaneously, pushed me to learn a few new skills. I created a brand Identity for Andrew Wayne Studio.

I started with the style guide which I created with Adobe InDesign. Andrew Wayne Studio wanted all content to look simple and sleek in order to highlight the photography above everything else. With that in mind, I created a style guide that emphasized minimalistic design in all visual aspects. From Instagram, to the business cards, and to the website, the style guide helped everything look uniform and consistent.

The website came next. This was by far, the hardest and longest effort in my project. It was also the most rewarding. I used WordPress and the Elementor plugin to build the site from scratch. This is where I learned a lot of new skills. I had some previous experience with WordPress but this project really pushed me to get familiar with WordPress web-design. I even learned a lot of HTML and CSS to help me understand what was going on, even though I didn’t have to use those codes too much in the end. I faced challenges here with the hosting not working, trying to optimize the site for all devices, and running into some artistic differences. In the end, through constant communication, I was able to create a website that met the client’s goals and exceeded my own expectations.

Finally, I helped the client develop a social media schedule of posting once a week with the purpose of bringing traffic to the new website. I set up Google Webmaster Tools as well as Google Analytics for the site in order to measure the success of our efforts. I also designed a new business card for them using Adobe Illustrator.

Below are some photos of my final products.




Here are links to the Andrew Wayne Studio website and PDF files for the Style Guide and Business Card.

Account of Hours

Planning & Timeline Creation – 3.5 hrs

Meetings with Client – 4 hrs

Style Guide – 10 hrs

Website Creation – 35 hrs

Business Card – 2.5 hrs

Photography and Video Presentation – 4 hrs

Total – 59 hrs


Thank you. I hope you enjoyed my project!


What I’ve Learned

I learned a lot about working with a real client throughout this project. I had to communicate so often with the client to make sure I was on the same page with what they wanted. This really helped me realize how key that relationship will be in my future career.

I also learned a lot about how a website works. I learned about creating a user-centered experience through good design.

As a result of all this, I feel so much more confident to leave school and perform well in the workplace.