Bradley Bridge – 360 Marketing & Advertising, Marketing Campaign




360 Marketing & Advertising

For my project, I choose to do a complete marketing campaign for a local Utah based advertising agency. That agency is called 360 Marketing & Advertising. I currently work part-time for this agency, and it gave me a great chance to showcase my skills to my employer. The idea for this project came from the fact that recently the agency went through a complete re-brand. For many years it was primarily a direct mail agency. In 2020 they have shifted and re-branded themselves to become a full-service digital marketing agency. With this campaign finished hopefully, it helps 360 Marketing with their re-branding efforts.

My presentation booth has several essential elements that help reflect the work put into during the campaign. I wanted to come off as professional and bright but also detailed. The booth has an example of my full printed out campaign book. It also has two different laptops. One features 360 Marketing and Advertising’s website with videos running. The other Laptop features a PowerPoint to explain the campaign briefly.




Work Completed

I set out with the goal to complete and entire marketing campaign. In addition to operating the digital agency, the owner also is launching a new marketing business called “My Local Utah.” It is a digital listing business that works in partnership with 360 Marketing. The goal was also to include a brief branding guide for My Local Utah. I wanted to achieve every single marketing principle-based on Comm230, Comm385, Comm430, and AAF. The goal was to finish and hand off an actual creative brief to the creative team in the agency, pending the owner’s approval. The goal was not to have creative work done and completed by the time this project was done. This plan was explained in contradicting ways in the project proposal. I started by doing a ton of research for the industry. I reviewed all the current clients of 360 Marketing. Then I reviewed the information for people who buy advertising on MediaMark. This research led me to create a target audience and understanding how to market to them effectively. From there, I clarified with the agency to refine the marketing goals and the budget. Once I had the budget, I focused on the creative side. I formulated a positioning statement and a Big Idea. I then started doing research to determine the correct media and balancing the budget. The final stage was putting together a media schedule and justifying all of my decisions.

Pitch To The Agency

Once the marketing campaign was finished, it was time to pitch it to the agency. I compiled everything into a book and had three copies printed. I created a PowerPoint-based on the content from the marketing book. I scheduled a time to present everything to the client and receive feedback. We met for over an hour, and I gave each owner a copy of the book. The crucial part of the presentation was justifying each decision.





Following the pitch to the agency, I received some fantastic feedback. The media schedule and execution were approved. The positioning statement and the media schedule were asked to be slightly revised. I need to change some peak months of the pulsing campaign. Overall, the campaign was approved by the agency. I received several compliments, and once some smaller changes are fixed, then the plan is to move forward and adapt a version of this marketing campaign.

Project Timeline


  • 15 Minutes, starting research on the industry

  • 1 Hour, research on competition

  • 12 Minutes, research on strengths

  • 1 Hour, research on past and current advertising

  • 17 Minutes, general research

  • 1 Hour, research on strategy, effective b2b marketing

  • 3 Hours 20 Minutes, starting the write up and continued research

  • 30 Minutes, write up of campaign

  • 1 Hour 35 Minutes, research of what media to use

  • 2 Hours, formatting documents, clarified budget and goals with the agency

  • 4 Hours 8 Minutes, final research on marketing strategy and write up

  • 17 minutes, proofing some write up

  • 1 Hour 20 Minutes, write up

  • 3 Hours 3 Minutes, write up

  • 4 Hours, completed the target audience write up and justification

  • 5 Hours 40 Minutes, media schedule finalized and justification, cleaning up the book

  • 2 Hours 20 Minutes, My Local Utah Research

  • 3 Hours 52 Minutes, MLU write up, month by month media breakdown, and creative briefs

  • 7 Hours 35 Minutes, finish book formatting, print book, typed up presentation, practice presentation, gave presentation, answered questions

  • 1 Hour 30 Minutes, reviewed all instructions for presenting and watched prep video, signed into Squarspace

  • 3 Hours 20 Minutes, write up of final blog post/ final summary of project

  • 2 Hours 22 Minutes, Video recording prep, video recording, final blog post,

    Total Hours: 50.5 Hours