Hannah Crawley – Crawley Design Co.




My Project:

My goal was to create a website where I can sell my products, blog, and hopefully freelance graphic design work. I wanted to be able to do the part of design that I love which is the creation of things whether it be a painted journal, a logo, or a website. Not just the marketing and self promotion.

I created a logo, all the assets on the website, social media pages, and the site itself hosted on Squarespace. It is set up to last for a long time, to evolve with me as my products and skillset evolves after I graduate.




Images like this I worked on before and made more designs of them to put on the shop. It is a business all about being personal, so I had to show that the customizations aren’t just slapping someone’s name on a book, it is a fully original design and it is special and different each time.




My logo and branding process took longer than I anticipated, with 3 weeks going towards research, sketching, and finalizing the assets. It is true to my brand though and shows what designs from me look like, not just what a trendy logo could be.

I spent at least 30 hours working on the assets for the logo, any vectors or pngs, and images. Everything was created by me. Then 20 to the actual set up of the website. A lot of what I did was on the backend, creating listings, working with their shopping platform, even the animations. It was a lot but I was able to create a site that I will be proud of for years that will continue to develop.

My final site is https://www.crawleydesignco.com/