Coren Gillon- Esports Booklet


Project Summary

The project centers around an educational and informative booklet about esports. Data from websites, social media, podcasts, and personalities was collected and reviewed for the booklet. The goal of the booklet is to help individuals understand esports, how it has grown and where it is going with items for the average person and the average business. Social media and marketing were major points of the booklet as esports is rapidly growing and relies heavily upon social media. As new information began flooding podcasts, streams, and articles, social media took a lesser position and was replaced by esports infrastructure and how organizations and esports are evolving amidst struggles.



·         20 hours of podcasts viewed

·         6 hours looking at data on websites

·         3 hours reading articles on websites

·         8 hours asking questions of and listening to personalities

·         6 hours gathering data for social media

·         3 hours gathering data from social media

·         2 hours researching organizations

·         2 hours researching different esports

·         1 hour organizing data

·         6 hours producing the written sections

·         2 hours gathering images

·         1 hour creating the booklet covers and pages

·         4 hours inserting written materials and images

·         1 hour restructuring data

·         2 hours revising the booklet

·         3 hours adjusting and editing the booklet

·         1 hour of video recording and editing

Total Hours: 71 Hours



The project began with a portion of knowledge I already had about esports. This information was limited to only a couple of games and there was much I did not know about the finer details. I spent a lot of time performing research to understand the finer details, broaden my data to cover multiple esports, and gain information for the social media and marketing portions of the booklet. Podcasts are very popular as well, serving as a good source of research and data. The Covid-19 pandemic drove many personalities and prominent figures within esports to discuss subjects and ideas that usually remained behind the scenes.

The new flow of information caused me to change my booklet. Social media became folded into the other sections of the booklet. I put more focus on the structure of esports and how important different pieces of esports, organizations, and business are. This information is still being expanded upon after I produced the final version of my booklet. I feel the change was needed and was unforeseen as the information was mostly not known by the public until the last couple of months, such as organization infrastructure, player contracts, legal issues, sponsor rules, and many more internal matters. I still feel that the booklet is a success in accomplishing its intended purpose and have obtained great results from those who have reviewed it. It did give me more hours and more work than I had wanted, but I was able to keep it within expectations.