Derek Jensen – Monarch Drone Services




I had the opportunity to do my senior project on advertising and marketing for my brother’s new drone business. We started by talking about ideas for who and what he wanted to market towards. We came up with the idea of doing real-estate but also added on house or property inspections or if someone just needed a drone for some awesome action shots.

Once we got the target market down, I wanted to do a survey towards his potential clients. I came up with a simple research survey that was based on price, time and activity for the drone service. We got about 9 responses back, not as much as we had hoped for but better than nothing.

Next we came up with a budget and the things we would need or like to get to get the ball rolling. Next he bought some of the things we needed from our planned budget. I created a website for him while he was able to get some great drone shots so I could put them in the site. My client wanted me to start a Facebook page for the business as well as a Youtube channel. He got all of the legal documents he needed out of the way in the mean time and became a certified drone pilot.




I worked on the above businesses card and logo. These took some serious design work and research to get it just right. My client was very pleased and bought a pack of 500 of them to print off and handout.

The Facebook page has been getting more and more interactions and engagements. I am working on more posts for that to get a greater following. His business will be mainly focused out of Sandpoint, Idaho but he is willing to do drone footage in nearby places. I helped him get some drone footage too as well as work on editing.

Overall I learned a bunch and just had fun with it. After I did some SEO for the website, I wrapped it up and asked my brother what he though of his business so far. He has been very pleased and I am sure I will be helping him more later on, even after this semester ends. Like I mentioned in the video, I learned a whole lot in such little time on my own, which was scary and exciting but it seemed to turn out well. My brother has been getting new clients every other day.

Thanks for reading and watching!