Adam O’Connor – Promotional Video Work




Project Description

As an aspiring videographer, I knew that it would be essential for me to get experience in the real world. One of my main goals is to effectively and professional produce promotional work that businesses can use to promote their services. For my senior project, I worked with two local businesses and produced a video they can use to do this. This was project was essential for me to get the experience I needed.

After reaching out to local businesses, Intrinsic Massage and Boost It Performance, I learned that their goals were to create awareness. They are fairly new businesses, and they simply needed to spread the word. In order to reach these goals, my approach was to clearly show who they are, what they do and the value they have to offer. I did this through focusing on shots portraying them performing their services as well as implementing interviews and copy that go more in depth about these services.

The Process

It was not as simple as showing up and making a video, there was much more that went into this than I expected. I wasn’t making a video for myself, but for someone else. Because of this, I had to make sure that my primary focus was the goals of my client. I asked myself, “How can I put this video together so that it has value to my client and their customers? Who is my clients audience, and what would they want in this service?” The entire production was built on these goals and questions.

It was an incredible learning experience. Not only do I understand more how to use a camera, frame shots, tell a story and edit, but I learned the importance of working with clients, and how much marketing goes into this process. It was easy for me to come up with my own ideas for the video, but the real challenge was trying to understand my clients goals and to create their vision.

I believe the work I produced achieved this goal. By focusing on shots that showcase exactly what they do, keeping the videos relatively short and concise, and focusing on copy and dialogue that cover the value they give to their customers, I was able to create a piece of video content they can easily use on social media to promote their businesses.

Here are the two promotional videos for Intrinsic Massage and Boost It Performance. Do you think I accomplished my clients goals?

What I Learned

As an aspiring videographer, my goal is to effectively and professional produce promotional work that businesses can use to promote their services. By doing this senior project, I was able to get closer to that goal and gain the following experience:

  • Deeper understanding of editing software and editing techniques

  • Color grading and color correction

  • Deeper understanding of proper lighting techniques

  • Deeper understanding of getting quality audio


  • Learned how to properly calibrate cameras settings to get quality shots

  • Experience in communicating properly with clients (scheduling, understanding their goals, approval on content, meeting their needs)

  • Properly framing shots to communicate clients goals/message effectively

  • Extensive planning to make sure shoots go well and clients get product on time






Hours Spent

  • Pre Production 5 hours

  • Shooting 15 hours

  • Post Production / Editing 30+ hours

  • Finalizing work with clients 2 hours



I am so grateful to take part in this senior project. I got more experience working with these businesses than I could have ever imagined. It just goes to show that if you want to get better at something, get out and do it. I feel that I through myself in the deep with this one, and I am happy to say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Video is my passion, and I can’t wait to get out and work to provide more value to the world.