Joshua Peters – Kalta Nova LLC

Welcome! I am Josh, an advertising student with an emphasis in video production.

Last semester, I made a business called Kalta Nova LLC with a business partner.  Kalta Nova LLC is a digital marketing and video production agency servicing Idaho, Utah, and Arizona.




My Senior Project is all about client acquisition. I wanted to see how much business I could generate and solidify just from the semester. This included pitching clients, preparing our website, making business cards, writing up contracts, and having client meetings. My senior project is going to consist of all the effort I put into making and strengthening our relationships with these companies. Since Senior Projects are about results, I will also be showcasing the content we accomplished for these companies.

During the semester I worked on Kalta Nova’s Branding as part of this project. This included adding to our website in terms of our work, made business cards and some outreach.

I also made an animated email signature so that we look professional in our emails.




After some outreach and some referrals, we got to work with five companies throughout the semester!

Client #1 – Rise Above Company

For Rise Above Company, a motivational apparel brand, we were able to pitch them new work to do. In my video, I showed an actual snippet of a pitch. Prior to that, we had successfully pitched them on handling their social media for the T-Shirt Launch and making their website.

The Results – Rise Above

The website is still not done but the landing page is nearly finished.

We teamed up and helped them launch their first T-Shirt. Here is a video we made for them as a result.

Client #2 Golden Grains

Golden Grains was a referral and we had multiple hour-long zoom sessions where we pitched several ideas on how this small carpentry business should brand themselves on their Etsy shop. We agreed on logo creation and also some product shots.

The Results:









Client #3 Rustic Lumber

Rustic Lumber is our main client but pitching them new work has proven to be difficult. We make 4 videos for them a month on most aspects of their lumber business. We successfully pitched them on going to colorado to film that location for them every quarter.  Doing this improved our relations and enhanced the work we have been doing for them! These are highlight videos and mini documentary-styled videos.

The Results:

Client #4 – Freeman Clothing

This was an awesome opportunity. We had to pitch over zoom the details of what they wanted with an established company in Rexburg. We discussed numbers and deadlines and this is the first video we made for them.  I felt that this client was a perfect example of everything going great. They were a referral, we reached out to them and had multiple zoom conversation. We discussed price, deadlines and expectations. It was awesome.

The Results:

Client #5 – Addie & Co



Overall, I feel very accomplished at how our client network increased in the duration of a semester, and our brand image developed so that we can take on more work in the future.

*Even though I am in Business with my partner my senior project and everything on this blog is an honest reflection of the work that I did myself, including the results of my client work.