Amron A. Yitref – Mars Has Clouds II




Project Description


My senior project is a clothing line that I started with my friends called “Mars Has Clouds ll” with a promo video. It is a hybrid between Visual and Video.


We started this brand so we could build a community of people who may feel like an outcast, loner or just different to band together under one flag. The outcast, misfits, artist and loners aren’t weird moody people but misunderstood. On Earth people think other cultures are backwards, foolish or flat out wrong. Its because they lack the understanding. We cannot judge another culture with our own. What we are stating is that, we are from Mars. That the grass is greener in the other side. That the outcast, the loner and the misfit have a place they can call Home. On Mars everyone is the main character. Everyone is a local and being unique is praised from the beginning to the end, not ostracized. We lift up the meek so they can be proud in what they do. On Mars there is no fear of failure or rejection, just innovation. A place were hate doesn’t exist. A place that “Creativity is King” on this planet. Mars isn’t just a place but an idea. We plan on developing this idea, one person at a time. Because Earth isn’t the only one with beautiful clouds. Mars Has Clouds Too.

The Promo is symbolic of the different people inside us. I believe that we have different personalities inside us that make us who we are. Like the Disney Movie Inside Out or The Wolves Within. On Earth our personalities fight for power, like someone’s fear, creativity, and etc. It’s almost impossible for them to form as one or completely agree. On Mars, you are in the driver seat and your other personalities all come to have the same vision and will see the bright future/ Dreams that you have that can be built. No one else outside of you can see your vision except you.

Feet off the Rug:

I think out of all the clothes I have created, this one hits me the most. Growing up with immigrant parents, they have always taught me that we should ALWAYS take our shoes off when we enter the house. Most immigrant parents are the same way. It is beyond disrespectful to wear your outside shoes into a clean home.

The United states government and many of its citizens have been stepping on the lives/rights of African Americans for more than 400+ years. Justifying their actions every step of the way. With the current climate I feel this tee hits home because, it is a representation of the fight against injustice in this country. The rug is symbolic of our rights, our opinions, our experiences, and our very lives. The shoes represent the oppressors themselves disregarding our voices and our rights, for their own gain/comfort.




Justification (professional goals and how this project will advance these goals):

If you asked me this a year ago, I would have said “so I can get a job at X company” which is not a bad thing, but I want something more. I just want to create things that interest me. “You have a purist, that’s like, I know the whole art history of everything, you can’t do this, this was done 20-times before you thought of it. Like, this is the pure institution. Then there’s the tourist, who’s bright-eyed, curiosity-driven, that has a lust for learning, and they support whatever.” – Virgil Abloh. I want to show my employers of people that I am a tourist. That you cannot put me into the box. I am who I am.


This project will show the multifaceted person that I am and that I will able to work in any situations. This project will help me get a video job because of my promo. I can apply for designer for clothing from my illustration work. This will show employers more than anything that I am not a “video student” or a “fashion student” but a student in general. That I am not afraid to learn and that I can accomplish anything if I work hard enough.





May 4 to May 5: Pant illustration will be finished


May 6 to May 7: scarf illustration will be finished, and order will be placed for the materials of pants (May 6)


May 8 to May 9 : Tees illustration will be finished and order for scarf materiel will be placed


May 10 to May 11: Second Tees illustration will be finished. 


May 11: I will begin sewing the pants together. The pants will be finished the latest June 1


May 13: I will begin making the scarf. The scarf will be finished by the latest June 2


May 14: Call Rowboat Creative (screen printing company) to place order to receive samples. If they are not open or unable, I will look for another screen printing company or use Printful


May 18 to May 19: Finish shot list for teaser video


May 21 to May 23: Shooting Days


May 24 to May 30 editing, color and vfx


June 1: pants will be finished and export video


June 2: scarf will be finished and will receive both orders for my tees


June 3 to June 17: Make sure samples are clean and perfected. If completed early set up booth for senior project and record video


June 20 to June 25: submit. 



So for this project I decided to make 4 articles of clothing as a passion project. A pair of pants, a neck tie, and 2 t-shirts. Through the work I actually made an extra shirt and pants just for fun. I accompanied the clothes with a promo video highlighting the clothes.


This is relevant to my future is because, I haven’t really been proud of what I made in my college carrier. I always done school projects, projects for work, or helped out with other friends projects. I never made anything that I was passionate about. I wanted to change that. I combined two things I really enjoy and that’s streetwear and video. Since I was 14 I have been reading fashion/sneaker blogs like NikeTalk, HIGHSNOBIETY, Bobby Hundreds blog and etc. I have been unofficially studied fashion for almost half my life. I can show my employer that I am versatile and that I can do so much. This is a project that I can be so proud of. They can see the type of person I am. With this project I was able to break from my self doubt and my worries and make something beautiful. It was really difficult but it was beyond worth it.


I want to give credit to Thomas Udi for helping me sew the pants, acting in the promo and composing the in promo video. I also want to give credit to my wife Gertrude Yitref for doing the voice over and being very patient with me. I also want to give credit to my mentor to Cory Kerr for helping me during this project and giving me insight on how to make it even better. Also on top of that…

Black Lives Matter

Time Account:


Coming up with the concept and Sketching: 6.25 hours

5 articles of clothing (I am really bad at drawing and I learning that I am a perfectionist. Also, I changed my ideas about 10 times)


Illustrator: designing clothes 20 hours

a.    “Darkside” tee – 10 hours

b.    “As Above So Below” Tee  – 5 hours

c.     Necktie: 30 min

d.    Pants: 3 hours

e.    “Feet of the rug”: 1.5 hours


 Sewing Pants and necktie: Total of 22 hours.

a.    7 hours for cutting and creating Necktie from scratch

b.    15 hours for cutting the shapes and forming the pants.


Pre-Production: 7 hours


a.    Planning video: 3 hours


b.    Writing script: 4 hours


Production: 3 hours

a.    Shooting: 3 hours


Post 5.5 hours


a.    Editing: 2 hours

b.    Coloring: 2 Hours

c.     Voice Over:1.5 hours

Grand Total: 63.75 hours


This experience has honestly been phenomenal. I learned so much about myself and who I am as a person. I feel that I focused more on the fashion part of my project than the video, but I still consider this a success reason being is because I learn so many new skills that will make me marketable. I made a small line of clothing from scratch and I made a small campaign on my own. Using the skills, I have already and the skills that I attain from trying. The one thing I wish I did was have physicals of the shirts. It was hard to get a place to print them out the way I wanted to and the short time. Also, on top of that not finishing the necktie that I started. I began hand sewing it, but I ran into a lot of ‘unforeseen difficulties. None the less. I broke out of the box that society tried to put me in or the box I put myself in and I branched out to a new medium. I would like to add that I was very successful at doing it as well.