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Hi!  My name is Camille Christensen Webb and I did my senior project with the Taggart Legacy Team, a group of real estate agents in Idaho Falls.  I worked closely with Travis Winn on what I could do to help the team get more clients, rebrand their social media, and make a website.  Throughout the semester, I worked on a Rebrand Campaign that detailed what I did for them, as well as what they can do in the future to be successful.

I started my project by redesigning a logo.  I met with my client and had a pretty good idea of what he wanted.  I created a few options and together we created something he could be proud of. We made sure to include the broker in all designs. I then updated his Instagram and Facebook profiles.  For this assignment, we focused on growing the Instagram account the most. I created posts and samples of what he could do to keep the community educated.  After receiving his approval, I also posted on his social media a few times.  I created an informational video for him to refer to as he starts to create his own posts using  I then designed a WordPress site for the team to use.  I added an about page, reviews, active listings, and a contact page.  This is a free site, but it will do everything the team needs.  I also created a video explaining how to update the WordPress site.

In addition to what Travis asked me to help him with, I went above and beyond by creating business cards, an event plan, and took home photography.  While I was not able to help with an open house this semester, I created a detailed plan with some ideas on how to market it and have it be successful.  I also took photography of a home and know that if they needed help in the future, I could assist them with that.

The things I learned while helping the Taggart Legacy Team will help me in my professional career.  I got a look into community outreach, marketing, and photography.  I worked hard in producing content that was professional and on-brand with what they wanted to accomplish.  I worked for 54 hours on this project and feel that my work was both high quality and beneficial to the client.



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