Sarah (Whiting) Layton – Brightly Designs Instagram Business Launch

Visual Communication




Project Description

The idea to launch Brightly Designs started at the beginning of the year when I developed a love for branding and marketing. I had the opportunity to brand two of my friend’s small start-up businesses and grew a strong desire to work with more clients. I didn’t just want to be a freelancer. I wanted to start a business.


To head towards this new dream of mine, I decided to put together the components needed to have a smooth workflow and start marketing myself. To kick start this project, I built a brand for Brightly Designs. The branding included picking a color palette, designing a logo and brand marks, deciding a target audience, researching competitors, choosing a tone of voice in the market, and implementing brand values. I pulled all this information together and created brand guidelines for Brightly Designs. These guidelines are the roots of Brightly Designs and will help keep everything cohesive going forward.


Next, I signed up with Honey Book to organize back end work with clients. On Honey Book, I created a contract, pricing guide, contact form, new client questionnaire, and email templates. The documents on Honey Book help me develop a simple workflow for onboarding new clients.


To promote Brightly Designs, I created an Instagram account. Using the brand guidelines, I added an Instagram bio, two weeks of prelaunch posts, and a week of launch posts. In the end, I created 12 posts on the Brightly Designs Instagram page.


Other things I have done include researching and deciding what services to offer, setting up Calendly for appointments, and connecting with my new audience on Instagram.


Brightly Designs is becoming a dream come true. The business is built with a passion for helping small and developing brands level up their business online, and it has given me the chance to utilize my brand and marketing skills to help other businesses find greater success.

Brand Guideline