collin ahrendsen- Scarlet- A short film

Video Production



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My senior project is about seeing the production of a narrative short film from start to finish. I will take you from conceptualization of the idea to delivery of the finished product. To fill my 50 hour requirement, I spent time writing the script, storyboarding my shots, arranging crew & cast, shooting, and editing. I will show you detailed examples of every step of the process. For preproduction I will show: the finished script, storyboard, and any other pre-production documents. For production, I have a behind-the-scenes video shot by one of my crew members which will give a good idea of the shoot day and environment on set. For post-production I will show screenshots of every aspect of the editing process from assembly & cutting to color correction/grading and visual effects.

This project is a culmination of all the skills and knowledge I have gained from my time as a Video Production student at BYU-Idaho and I hope to show every aspect of my passion for the process.



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Senior Project hours worked


September 30th (2 hours) – Writing script

October 1st (3 hours) – Writing script/checking out equipment

October 3rd (3 hours) – Storyboarding

October 5th (2 hours) – Storyboarding

October 7th (7 Hours) – Meeting with actress/blocking/test shoot/meeting with crew

October 9th (12 hours) – Setting up/shooting/logging footage

October 13th (3 hours) – Finding music/editing

October 28th (2 hours) – Editing

October 29th (2 hours) – Editing

November 6th (4 hours) – Editing, logo animation, color correction

November 7th (2 hours) – Re-shoots for missing shots

November 12th (4 hours) – Editing & sound design

November 13th (5 hours) – Editing & sound design

November 14th (2 hours) Sound design capture

November 14th (5 hours) – Editing

November 16th (2 hours) – Editing

November 17th (3 hours) – Editing final touches & putting BTS video together

Total: 63 Hours