Connor Taylor-The Making of Connor & Sam Vlogs

Visual Communication



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For my senior project I revamped and continued to expand the YouTube channel that my wife and I run. Revamping my channel included using my visual design skills to complete thumbnails for all the videos on the channel, before the revamp half of my videos had thumbnails and half didn’t. It included me finding a way to make sure that I was not breaking copyright and getting “striked” by YouTube. I did this by making sure all the music/sound effects/vfx  that I obtained were viable to use and would not break copyright. It also meant making an Instagram so that we could post our shorter videos as well as expand our audience. As far as continuing to expand the channel it meant a lot of filming, and editing. The goal of expanding the channel was to release a new video weekly. In order to do this, it required my wife and I to come up with new ideas weekly, plan how to shoot the videos, shoot the actual video, and edit them. I easily hit 50 hours of solid communication work with this project.  While some may think that a YouTube channel is not a valuable use of the skills that I learned as a student. I believe it is one of the most useful projects that I could have done to add a capstone on what I have learned. It will also look good on my portfolio as a passion project.

Changes in Copyright

The picture is a little zoomed out, but if you look closely you can see that once I started this project I changed some of the songs, and the visual effects so I was no longer getting “copystriked” from Youtube.



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Connor & Sam Vlogs thumbnails

When I started this project half of the videos on the channel did not have thumbnails. I made sure that one of the goals with this project was to make sure every video had it’s own unique thumbnail, but when looked at together the thumbnails all had the same look as well.



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Social Media Page


Another thing I focused on was the Social Media page ConnorandSamvlogs. I focused on creating stories, and Instagram live videos to help grow our following on Social Media. You can find a link to this page right here:\



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