Esther Garcia Wolf – Communication, Cleaning and Global Crisis

Strategical Organization

A communication project dedicated to improving organizational communication through means of public relations.




Janitorial Excellence is a commercial cleaning company that services a variety of clients: office sites, city malls, clinics, schools and ready-to-sell real estate homes. The definition of “cleaning,” due to the current pandemic, has changed and has never been more important to the safety of communities and local businesses. Community presence and positive public relations–for a cleaning company–has never been greater.

Therefore, my project has three major aspects:

1.Updating and renovating the company website: I will NOT create a new website domain or address. However, I will redesign all website pages. These pages will contain updated content, persuasive messages, COVID-19 updates and recent images for the purpose of customer conversion. This “new” website will be different in layout and design for a more professional and sophisticated feel.

2.Creating a Facebook Business Page: I will create a Facebook Business page . As JanExc currently doesn’t have one, this page will be entirely new. I will be utilizing company-owned images taken on the job with approval from clients. As needs arise, edits on images will be through Photoshop. Design for social media posts will come from or will be created on InDesign. I will make COVID-19 posts that create transparency between the public and company, posts that increase public awareness of Janitorial Excellence’s services and potentially generate income for Janitorial Excellence.

● Ads: Through the use of Facebook, Facebook Ads Manager will be utilized to create ads to increase company page likes, follows and new client leads. Using the page’s analytics, my goals for this page are: Reach over1,000 people reached, get 50-page likes and get one new contract forJanitorial Excellence.

3.Client Communication: I will be communicating through email to Janitorial Excellence’s clients about:

● New company policies, measures to prevent and protect against COVID-19 and changes to the company’s social media and website.

● To ensure legal protection for Janitorial Excellence, I will write letters of legal consent for the use of client logos and endorsing reviews. These letters will be pre-approved by professionals and company business officials.


*This project will continue until December 30, 2020



To see the journey, effectiveness and results of this project, watch this video!

A close-up of the website, Facebook page, documents, ads and social media posts.


Client Letters written and sent








Social Media Posts Created


Facebook Ads used on Ads Manager

Results were: 10 ,8, 7, 5 link clicks. The 10-result adwas budgeted at $4.30. The rest were $4.00.Place files starting with “ADs” here