Seth Harper- Mental Health at BYU-idaho: a LGBTQ experience




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Writing about something you’re passionate about always cultivates in higher quality work. That’s why for my senior project I chose to write a series of articles highlighting mental health issues for the LGBTQ+ community at BYU-Idaho. Mental health is talked about a lot, but the LGBTQ community in Rexburg is not. I wanted to bring this topic to light and start the conversation. I wrote a mixture of pieces, with some a little more on the feature side and some more newsy in order to highlight my range of writing ability. In all my articles the idea was to use a student’s story to show a specific problem. I wanted to use real stories that people reading could identify with and relate to. I tried to address the problem and find a solution where one existed. I was able to interview a dozen students that fit within the LGBTQ community, as well as mental health experts, a counselor at the BYU-I Counseling Center and several professors on campus. I will now start having my articles released in Scroll, the University newspaper.