Zac Hadlock- UnlockedTunes: Royalty Free Music for Your Instagram Videos.

Comm & Advocacy



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Whenever I try to find royalty free music that fits what I am looking for, I find myself taking hours to spot what I need.  Often you need to be subscribed to a website to have access to their resources, and many of the subscriptions we take for granted at school disappear after we graduate.  I decided I would take my knowledge I obtained from the communications courses and build a brand that offers royalty free music for a very specific niche that is heavy in video content.

Using Wix, I created to offer packs of 1-minute songs specifically designed for Instagram videos.  I have made 2 packs of songs covering popular genres of music used by Instagram content creators. In these packs, I made over 17 songs to be downloaded for free.  Also, I offered a Christmas single. I received over 300 song downloads, and built a email list.  I plan on carrying out this project even after I graduate as a small business and start offering premium packs along with my free packs.

Throughout the duration of the project, I have been focusing heavily on the brand image and social media presence.  I have reached out to other content creator channels and have had them feature some of my content on their page.  I built concept designs for a logo and then had a graphic design freelancer finalize it.  I created a specific color scheme and have it throughout all my social media posts and webpage.  On Instagram where most of my social media presence is, I posted 3-5 times a week.  Most of these posts were videos created by me using adobe premiere/audition/aftereffects to showcase certain songs from my packs.  This project is a combination of many different departments of the communications degree in one.



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