John Carattini – ‘True Hunter’ Documentary

Video Production




True Hunter is a documentary following Austin Barton’s passion for hunting along with tips and first steps for new hunters interested in the activity. The film is a little over seven minutes long with interviews, b-roll of a hunting trip and b-roll of some of his crafts from other hunts. Progress of the documentary was reported on my Facebook with photos attached. The film was published on a YouTube channel under Carattop Studio Productions along with a trailer and a behind-the-scenes video. It will also be somewhat promotional for Austin’s YouTube channel which covers hunts he has been on.

               All of the filming was done here in Rexburg. Camera and Lighting equipment was provided by the school. I have also recruited the help of another student, Anthony Equatore, to film the behind-the-scenes footage and photos for social media. He received proper attribution for his contributions to the film.

The Film was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and was shot with a Canon 60D for the interviews and some B-roll and a Sony XA10 for all the hunting footage.

A trailer was released in the first week of November. The full feature released two weeks after.


Behind the Scenes