Keslie Fuller- Marketing for Fuzion Dance Studio

Public Relations



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Fuzion is a dance studio in Sugar City, Idaho providing various dance classes for ages 3-18. For my senior project I created a Public Relations plan for Fuzion. My goals were to; increase customer satisfaction, bring more awareness to the studio, and equip Marcel, the owner, with tools to better market in the future.

My first step was distributing a survey to current costumers to better market to the community as well as how to increase current costumer satisfaction.

In my survey I found that Fuzion’s current best advertising strategy by far is word of mouth (65%). I decided to lean into word of mouth by tailoring content to current costumers. By doing this I hope to increase customer satisfaction so that they will recommend Fuzion to friends and family in the future. After this year, I will recommend a referral program, encouraging more people to bring their friends and family to Fuzion.

I created a calendar for social media and website content. From my survey, I found our customers want important information as well as pictures of their dancers on social media. Each week I posted on Instagram and Facebook and focused on the content I found was desired from the survey. I also created a blog on Fuzion’s website. The blog shared fun things for parents to do with their dancers at home and valuable information about Fuzion and dance studio world in general.

While creating content, I kept Marcel, the owner, updated about what I was doing as well as why I was doing it. To set her up for success, I created a Hootsuite account and planned social media content to automatically post through the rest of the dance season. I also provided her with applicable tools and resources to use after the project was over to continue increasing her PR and marketing strategies.