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My project was divided into three sections: creating materials, building a website, and planning a mock event. I decided to create event planning materials that could be used by anyone to plan an event of any size. These materials include an Event Planning Checklist which is a comprehensive checklist of all the tasks an event planner should complete in specific time intervals. I also created an Event Management Packet which can be used to plan an event of any size or type. It includes sections like food plan, staff and volunteers, decorations, etc. I plan to use these materials in my event management career, but I also hope to share them with other aspiring event planners.

So, I uploaded these materials onto an online store which is part of a website and blog I created. My website is called Lucy’s Events. It contains a homepage, three blog pages, a contact page, a shop, and an account page. The purpose of this website was to create a series of blog posts which details how to plan an effective event. I hope to continue using this blog to showcase my work as I move into the professional event planning realm.

Finally, I planned a mock event. Because of Covid-19 I was unable to carry out this event. However, it is fully planned and ready to be implemented. I reached out to Idaho Foster and Adoptive Care and offered to plan a benefit event for them. In partnership with FatCats Rexburg, the event will feature a Princess Fair and a private showing of the 2015 live action Disney Cinderella. All proceeds will be donated to Idaho Foster and Adoptive Care.



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