Alea Barrios – Things That Creep Re-Branding and Web Design

Digital and Social Media




Things That Creep is an (501) (c ) (3) animal conservation nonprofit based in Richmond, California. As Things That Creep was founded in 2018, it was ready for a new brand identity. As a brand consultant and web-designer, I created a style guide and re-designed (the current website), over the course of 50 hours.


The style guide created will be executed throughout the company’s products, banners, projects, and website. The style guide includes a new color palette, logos, and fonts for the brand. Goals and a mission statement was created in order to create a brand persona. Zoom meetings with the nonprofit’s board and executive director were then held for input and feedback on the branding progress.


The style guide was then implemented as I re-designed the nonprofit’s multi-page website on Square-Space. Research and custom code was created in order to use the Sqaure-Space platform proficiently. A new layout, colors, and fonts were included on nine pages on The re-designed website also includes an update on events and announcements as well as new banners created on Adobe Illustrator as design elements on the website.



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