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For my senior project I decided to focus on something that I am extremely passionate about which is running and creating content for my social media brand Astrain Design. Astrain Design, named after my last name Astrain which rhymes with the word design, is a social media brand that focuses on budget friendly home décor, interior design tips and tricks, and DIY home renovations that are cost effective.

For my project I first began by researching my target audience to understand where they are, what they are looking for, and what their demographics are. I created an audience analysis that goes in depth on these questions and answers the “why” of what platforms I chose to create content for.

I then focused on my branding and cultivating a cohesive branding and cultivating a cohesive brand that illustrates what Astrain Design wants to portray. I chose neutral brand colors and simple and modern logo designs that bring a brightness to the Astrain Design. I also chose fonts that accentuate the timelessness of Astrain Design.

Finally, I created content that would connect with my audience and create engagement on my social media platforms. I also created content that was initially in long form, and then could be repurposed onto my social media channels. The long form content is house on the Astrain Design website and blog.

All of these steps were taken to create a consistent and aesthetically pleasing brand that can be easily recognizable by my audience. I created content that served my audience’s needs and inspired them to return to the brand in the future.



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