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A friend of mine started her own soda business a few years ago because she has a love of mixing drinks for people. These drinks are soda and energy drinks mixed with some fun flavors. Her company moto is Mobile Custom Sodas. Her soda business is able to move around because it’s a soda cup on the back of her truck. She has been overshadowed by other local soda businesses. I helped the owner come up with new and creative ways to open her doors again. Her goal is to be able to open again. She is willing to relocate, so we set a game plan for relocating and where to relocate. I did lots of research on the perfect location for her to relocate. I researched who her target audience is and how we can really target those people. Came up with new and creative ways to attract more people; her target audience.I did some research on wether it was beneficial to start serving warm drinks during the cold months. If there is a specific location and if its best to just stay in one area or move around. Created a business card and a flyer we can pass out to people when she reopens.


Target Audience:

The potential customers for Lyds N Cups are 16-40 year olds. Anyone that love soda and wants to have some different flavoring in their drink. Instead of going to their local McDonalds to get their soda they come to Lyds N Cups instead. What makes this place different is the fact that its a soda cup on the back of a truck. If you come here it will be different than any other soda shop.


Social Media:

The best time to post on social media varies based on industry and your audience. But most likely the best time to post on social media is between the times of 9:00 am and 12:00 pm EST. Posting on social media for small businesses is beneficial for many reasons. Some of those reasons include; increase brand awareness, humanize your brand, promote content/business. Social media is one of the best ways to attract customers.


Location –

Its beneficial for food trucks to just stay in one spot. People like to know exactly where you’ll be every time. They don’t want to have to be searching for where you are. Even if you have social media letting them know where you’ll be and when. No one wants to search for you. Its easier on everyone and attracts more people if you just stay in one spot.


Warm Drinks:

It would help but isn’t necessary to sell drinks during cold months. By giving customers the option of it but still selling your normal drinks will increase your sales. Having warm drinks allows you to for sure stay open during those cold months. Because if you just sell soda while its cold, you may have to close.



It would be beneficial to have a few seating options for people that way they can stay and talk with people. It also helps other people see that your business is attracting people and more will come. If people drive by and see no one there than it lowers the chance of them stopping. But if they see people sitting and enjoying your drinks then they will want to come stop by. People may still choose to leave after they got what they ordered but if their is seating then it gives then a reason to stay and enjoy their drink.


How to attract customers?:

Be engaging and interactive with customers. If customers come and you aren’t friendly they won’t come back and they’ll tell their friends not to come too. Even if your food is good, there’s still a high possibility they wont come back. Social media. Any form of marketing. Responding to customer feedback. Ask for menu suggestions or other suggestions.




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Business Card